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Melissa Aiton

- 03/01/2020

I love empire rock hill


- 02/24/2020

Have gone to empire since they opened. Will disown any family member that goes there from this day forward. They admittedly botched our order, gave door dash incorrect food. Then would do nothing to correct their mistake. No I will not drive down to the store to pick up my food you screwed up, and no I will not visit any of your locations again. Would have left zero stars if possible.

Rhiannon Birden

- 01/31/2020

You call ahead get your name on list.. get told it will be hour and half, still waiting 2 1/2 hours later because the young girls at the hostess stations wants to sit 7 adults and baby at a high top. Well that is not going to work .. then they want to sit us at a table that will hold 6 people. Ok well how are all of us going to eat.. Let me tell you there is a big table on the other side that can hold everyone. But they are allowing 2 people to just sit and talk.. I think there needs to be some training.. stay clearing the table and let them now it is time to go.. I have been a waitress for 15 yrs.. I think I know what to do. I totally understand this is a very busy place but crowd control needs to be taught.


- 01/17/2020

Our experience tonight at Empire Pizza, Pizza Fort Mill was horrible. We literally sat at our table waiting for food from 6:30 to 7:46. To be there that long was uncalled for. Who was managing the kitchen and watching ticket times??? Our waitress would come over to say to us "sorry our kitchen is having trouble". Trouble was an understatement. She said they can't balance take out, door dash and the restaurant. It is a lot. Well, figure it out. We ordered penne alfredo, meatballs, 4 slices of pizza and mozzarella sticks. Not a hard order. We go there frequently. (I am not a fan but my husband thinks they are great). When our food came out my daughters food apparently sat for a long time. Her alfredo was hard and the garlic knots were hard as rocks. I had ordered just meatballs and they were ice cold. My husband and son ordered sliced pizza so they were ok. Needless to say the penne and meatballs went back. My daughter and I left to get food somewhere else. A shame that a family dinner out was not split with people eating in two separate locations. We watched the table in front of us send their pizza back because it was made wrong. Wishing them luck getting it together.

Patricia Turner

- 01/02/2020

Don't usually waste my time with "bad reviews" simply because my time is more valuable than poor service that rarely changes. But here goes. It's 12:46 p.m. on Thursday 1/2. I just placed a take out order for a salad and child's pasta. The young woman on the other end of the phone taking these orders is totally void of any personality and rudely hung up the phone AFTER I asked her when the order would be ready. Who is raising these young people who have no communication skills or manners. When did it become okay for those working in the public service to treat the public as if the public was doing them a service? I expect no less than a full apology and thank you for (1) this constructive review and (2) for my patronage of an establishment relying on the public for its success, which I might add is not an "entitled" expectation but one of politeness and simply good business!

Lisa Miller

- 12/25/2019

Order almost $60 worth of food on a take out order and my Stromboli was left out. I called the business, they said they still had it and to come back for it. It was already 8 pm and I live 20 minutes away and was not going back. I requested they refund money to my card. Employee said it would be refunded, will have to check my card


- 12/20/2019

I just had the worst dining experience I have ever had. I stopped in for a quick lunch at the Fort Mill location while I was waiting for an oil change. The food took 30 minutes to come out - fine, I can give a place the benefit of the doubt. My real problem was with my order. I am a vegetarian and I ordered the Cali Black Bean Burger. When it came out, thankfully I noticed it had bacon on it. I again gave the benefit of the doubt and thought I missed that on the menu although I was very confused why bacon would be on a black bean burger. I took it off since I didn’t have time to wait another 30 minutes for a new meal. Everything else looked correct in the black bean - cheese, avocado, tortilla strips, etc so I started eating and a few bites in I realized it didn’t taste right. That’s when I realized it was actual meat, not black bean ( although it was flattened to look like a vegetarian burger). As a vegetarian I am obviously very upset about this. I couldn’t find my waitress so I flagged someone else down who was very sweet and comped the meal. She was the ONLY good part of the experience I just had.

Cody Carlson

- 12/16/2019

My only complaint was my garlic knots. When ordering my meal online from the Fort Mill location, I had the option to add mozzarella cheese to my garlic knots. I added it for a $1.50 upcharge. No big deal. I like cheese. I get home with my order to see I have a styrofoam to go bowl with a lid that is holding approximately half a cup of shredded mozzarella. My garlic knots are in a separate container. I dont know how I am supposed to eat the shredded cheese with the garlic knots. The pizza and the garlic knots tasted great. Just not sure how I am supposed to eat my bowl of shredded cheese. I like cheese but not going to eat it straight from my to go bowl. I find it funny, but a disappointing that I paid an upcharge for a bowl of loose shredded cheese.

Don Lehman

- 12/12/2019

Call in order. Pick up phone went to voice mail 4 times before someone answered. Finally placed order on phone with a miserable girl. Felt like I was bothering her. Go to pick up. Thought with no phone answer it would b busy. No one in the seating area at all. No body at pick up counter. Had to wait in the same girl from the phone to look up and I said I had a pickup. She mumbled. I didn’t hear her and asked excuse me. In a hateful voice she said “pay out at the bar. “. Again in a hateful voice. Terrible customer service. Took over a half hour for a pick up order to prepare with no one in the eating area. Terrible.

Begone You Foul Demon Cotton Eyed Joe, Thy Grasp On This Plane Faded Long Ago, From Whence You Came, There You Shall Go, I Seal Thee Away, Cotton Eyed Joe Dude

- 11/21/2019

Bro your food just sucks


- 11/13/2019

keep up the good job, please do not slack off.


- 11/08/2019

Rude, incompetent staff. Bar is hangout for employees who are drunk and nasty, esp. one ugly Yankee chick, Indian Land location. Have not tried other syores, and won't be.

James Hathaway

- 10/24/2019

Wow this place use to be great ! I loved their Calzones FULL of cheese and toppings. Not any more! you can tell they have their clientele built up now cuz its just not the same! Every time I've been back there's less and less toppings inside the Calzone to the point of just being folded over pizza dough !!! everything went down but the price! Too bad but I won't be back

Edie Grant

- 10/14/2019

Just wanted to share something about our last 3 visits to empire. Most of time we go to the empire in Newport cause its really close to our house. The last time we went to the Indian Land location. All 3 visits were terrible. We always order out wings honey hot extra crispy. They are never right. The last three times they have been have cooked and never crispy. They used to always be fantastic wings but lately they have been terrible,

Gail Dixon

- 09/29/2019

Food was good. Service was terrible! Took over 30 minutes to get pizza. 2 men beside us came in after us and got their order before us. I had to get up and ask another waitress to see what was taking our order so long. Our waitress never came to see if we needed anything. First and last visit to this place! Save your money.

Stevie Morris

- 09/23/2019

We got our order through Door Dash and their delivery was great, but the food they picked up for us was awful. Everything was cold. We got an order of boneless wings and they literally pulled a wing in half to make 2 wings, and one of the “wings” was a burnt ball the size of a hush puppy and hard as a rock. It’s like they scraped the bottom of the barrel for our order because it was through Door Dash and we didn’t deal with them directly. Fort Mill location... this is gross and I couldn’t even eat the rest of the “wings” because they were so overcooked.


- 09/22/2019

We love the food. We typically love the environment. Tonight - a football Sunday- was wild. 1) Bartender’s underage kids took up 3 seats 2) Bartender (while taking care of said kids) got our order wrong and we now have wrong toppings on pizza...It’s a pepperoni and we have just cheese...c’mon!! 3) Didn’t tell us the weekly specials were overridden by the football specials, so we paid more nothing and didn’t even get an apology 4)Seriously, hire better. We were willing and able to spend far more than we did, but were so put off by the terrible service that were considering never giving another DIME to Empire. FYI - we spent $90 to sit at Empire waiting for our to go food so save money on the $1.99 DoorDash fee. Do the math on how reckless we are with our spending. Be better. Your food is good, but I’ll happily go to Towne Tavern from now on.

Renee Tillman

- 09/13/2019

I’m retired and can’t drive anymore. I ordered from Empire at least 3 times a week. Large menu with variety. Empire stopped delivering and referred me to a couple delivery services. I have not had one delivery. These services won’t deliver sodas and only certain food items. I’m spending my $75.00+tips and many times I order extra for company /lunches for the next day at other locations. I DONT USE email Anymore. I DONT respond to email.


- 09/13/2019

What Happened? Over the years we have gone only to the Rock Hill location, because the quality was more consistent than at the Newport location. We raved about Empire Pizza, then it appears the quality has gone down. The last two times were somewhat disappointing. More crust then cheese. The Greek salad was limp at $9.00 and it certainly was not worth it. I don't think you need to be a rocket scientist to at least look at what goes out to the tables. In closing we will not be coming back.

Shelly Peterson

- 08/30/2019

Let's get this out of the way...... first off I do not like eating out! Number 1 reason: customer service is well....... nothing to brag about. Therefore, I'd like to say, my first visit to Empire I was greeted and treated with the best service I have encountered in a very long time. My servers name was LaNette. She made my experience so enjoyable that I wanted my son (who was in high school at the time) to get hired on. Tennyson applied and worked at Empire and enjoyed it. Although, he has moved on, he also enjoyed LaNette as a coworker and a friend. My main reason I still frequent Empire is due to the fact that LaNette still works there and their Blackened chicken alfredo is awesome! I would recommend dining there on a Thursday or Saturday and requesting the best server: LaNette to enhance your experience!

Jess Curtis

- 08/28/2019

We have been goin to Empire since then original first came to RH. We have always enjoyed the food and staff at all the locations since. Our favorite is LaNette!! The original empire. She is always on top of everything and has the best personality. She is an absolute sweetheart and the reason we will continue to drive further to that location ❤️

Cindy Chesney

- 08/27/2019

Our waitress’ At Rock Hill Empire are amazing. We are frequent customers and always get great service. My favorite two are Linett and Charlee. They are great. We never wait for anything. They always take care of us. Thank ladies!

Flaco De La Cruz

- 08/25/2019

Great food and great drinks! What makes this place more awesome is Lanette, she always has a smile and sooo energetic, my buddies and i love her service. I highly recommend this place, ask for Lanette!!

Bryan Dover

- 08/25/2019

Great food and service, Lanette is always the best waitress for us, she gets it right the first time, and always gets us our food on time! Thanks!

Allen Brandon

- 08/25/2019

Great place to eat! Lanette at the rh interstate restaurant is great! And the Newport stairs ask for Ashley or Danielle !! This place has great food and a wonderful atmosphere! The staff at both Rock Hill stores keep me coming back time and time again


- 08/25/2019

Lanette has been my server multiple times and she is awesome!! She is always polite, fun, never let our drinks get half empty. She is always on it!! She is a great waitress!!!

Melanie Thompson

- 08/25/2019

I frequent Empire on Celanese in RH. I like sitting in Lanette's section. She makes my experience there on game. She is quick to serve our drinks and food and she's funny. Very friendly and a lively spirit! I have continued coming there on Saturdays because she is a great waitress. Not sure how I feel yet about yall's new menu but I'm trying new things. Thanks for the great service Lanette!

Darlean Youngblood

- 08/25/2019

We love going to Rock Hill Empire Pizza and look forward to seeing our waitress lanette Brakefield.


- 08/25/2019

By far my favorite place for pizza in Rock Hill. Fun and friendly environment. As servers go, LaNettte is the best! Always on top of things and hustling to get things done while still taking time to make you feel like she appreciates you being there.

Amber Nance

- 08/25/2019

We love Empire Rock Hill so much! My husband isn't a going out type of person but we come to Empire more than anywhere else, for the food, drinks, music and fun, but mostly because we have the best server ever-LaNette BRAKEFIELD! She is always on point and makes us feel at home????

Susan M

- 08/22/2019

We’ve been supporting Empire since Kosta first opened in 09. The staff is friendly and the food is consistently good. Lots of TV’s- viewable from any seating. We’ll be back!


- 08/14/2019

Love your pizza. The best

Matt Jennings

- 08/08/2019

LOve the Pizza, where online or Door Dash does it list ingredients for dishes. Quite annoying to order when I don't know what is on a pizza that i am ordering.


- 08/03/2019

Awesome place, good food, will go back

Gavin M

- 07/27/2019

Well, I typically have an alright experience. Pretty good, usually. But not this time. I ordered two platters of chicken tenders rolled in hot sauce. However, someone saw fit to toss the boxes into the bag sideways for my delivery, which leaked sauce and grease into the bag itself, and soaked a flyer that was included. One of the orders was also prepared incorrectly. Unbreaded slabs of meat instead of the tenders that I had ordered.


- 07/19/2019

I relocated from NJ and I was surprised there was no fried calamari on the menu. Your marinara is perfect to make hot sauce!! Also, when I would visit before I relocated...I thought your sausage was sliced. I miss it!!

Lew Bennett

- 07/17/2019

We have been going to the Fort Mill location since it opened. Slow service has happened occasionally but that is to be expected. The food has always been quite good, thus our frequent visits. Our last visit, however, wasn't a good experience. The service was very slow, 2 out of 4 sets of silverware were not clean, and it was quite hot. We found out after we'd ordered that the AC was out. This would have been nice to know when we came in. The heat made it very uncomfortable. The recent repainting and redecorating looks good but I am shocked that nothing was done to the restrooms. These have always been something I tolerated but, the men's room specifically, is dark and almost always in need of cleaning. I would not feel comfortable taking a small child in there at all. We may have to take a little break from visiting for a while.

Bill Lyons

- 07/14/2019

Ordered a pizza told to pack up in 20 minutes when I showed up it took 10 additional minutes when I arrived home 5 minutes later the pizza was cold,dry no sauce ,cheese was not very good..... Very disappointed was really hoping it was as good as your other stores but sadly I will go back to Lorenzo’s.....


- 07/03/2019

LOVE THEIR PIZZA, FRIED PICKLES AND GARLIC KNOTS! Wish they had real minced garlic instead of just the powdered garlic for the knots, as well as a topping choice for the pizza-even Eggplant would be awesome as a topping choice. The boneless chicken wings aren't good at all- and its not the seasoning its the quality of meat.

Marti Thomasson

- 07/01/2019

The young lady that took my order was amazing. She displayed great customer service and that’s always appreciated.

Erin Lipscomb

- 07/01/2019

I was there for my birthday at around 9:30pm and my food was wrong, cold, and horrible. My wrap was only warm on one side of the wrap, my salad came out with my food even though it was supposed to come out first, and the wrap was bread only. Everything tasted horrible and I had to pay 18.00 for it.


- 06/27/2019

The food and service were good that's not why I'm upset. We having been going to empire for sometime now maybe 3 times a month and today was a little different I ordered a slice of pizza that was fine I asked for sauce got it, than my stromboli came again I asked for sauce it was not till I got the check that I found out about the 150 charge for the extra sauce I was shocked never before had I ever had to pay for sauce in those little containers I don't mind paying that's not why I'm upset its not begin told in the first place and 2 how much you charge for the container I go else where and pay 75 cents for a bigger container and better sauce ,. sorry but you lost a customer I was told that since you got new menus that they charge for everything. way to go empire way to go

Adrianne Culp

- 06/24/2019

I work at Piedmont Medical Center on night shift. Every time I call for delivery before the 10 pm time they always say they are not delivering anymore. I called tonight and they kept me on hold for a while and when they answered then they were not doing anymore deliveries. If you're going to do delivery then do it, is what I recommend.

Luke Joseph

- 06/22/2019

Placed an online order at 5:03 and it said delivery was expected in about an hour which was fine. 6:30 comes around and we called to check the status of the order and they said that they were shorthanded and the online delivery time was not at all accurate. They told us that the order just went out and it should be there in 20 minutes. Again, we are being patient as we are trying to feed our family so we called again at 7:15 to check and they said that the order had been delivered twice. Delivered to whom? Confused as to how that is possible because we never received our food. While being put on hold, we just told them to cancel it and refund our money. We know things get busy in both the back and front of house....and we have been consistent orderer's of Empire in the past...this experience has soured us entirely.

Linda Pelletier

- 06/22/2019

Order two 18 inch pizzas pepperoni had no red sauce just pepperoni and cheese, chicken and spinach with Alfredo sauce came with red sauce not Alfredo this is not the first time we have been disappointed in the Tenga Cay location . The pizza in Newport location is awesome we now will travel further to get great pizza

Matt May

- 06/17/2019

I came and placed a Togo order in person at 6:20 pm. The staff was friendly and helpful. I proceeded to sit down at the chairs across from the togo area. The young lady said my order would be only 15 minutes. As I sat there other guests received their food before I did that placed their orders after me. After about a half hour I began to check my watch and phone for the time I placed my order. The young lady behind the counter was watching me and I heard her say my name to the two ladies packing the Togo orders. I had been watching all the food that was placed on the counter. When they finally called my name 45 minutes later, I checked my watch and it was 7:03. My food had sat there for 20 minutes and no one ever called my name. I knew that for a fact because the cashier said to the ladies packing the food, “Do you have the order for May?” They looked at the food and gave it to her and she called my name. I proceeded to the counter and said, “my food been there for 15 to 20 minutes.” I took my $45 Togo order and went home. I live 2 minutes from the establishment. My food was quite cold. Just wanted someone to know about what happened.

William Ferguson

- 06/14/2019

The sevice is great, but there is a guy name David Jones who is crud and obnoxious and I want return until he asked to leave!

ralphy bi

- 06/10/2019

Why no bar menu online? I see lots of fried pickles, wings, and pizza. But presumably I'm going to get a drink as well, right? Please post a bar menu.

sd cassin

- 05/23/2019

Newport Loca-- Always consistently good food. Fav is the pizza

Daphne Mahon

- 05/22/2019

We absolutely love coming here, but many, over 10 times lately, have we walked in and they had open tables, over 6 just in the front section, and the wait was 15-20 minutes. We have 3 in our party. Tonight we are waiting and in 10 minutes sitting here there have been 18 people, 5 groups, that have walked in and the hostess had told them 20-25 minutes wait and they all walked out!! I can't believe the owner/managers know this is happening!! Plenty of wait staff standing around, 3 people taking to go orders, sorry, just don't understand,!!! We come and support this restaurant at least once a week and hate to see it's decline. Sick great food.

Cathy Horton

- 05/08/2019

I ordered a barbecue bacon burger. This is not my first time ordering this from your restaurant. Usually your burgers are excellent, tonight it was inedible. I am not exaggerating when I say that this burger was bathed in barbecue sauce. Literally, when I took my first bite, sauce was not dripping but running off the sandwich and down my face from taking a bite. The bun fell apart as it was soaked through. I threw it away.

Daphne Mahon

- 05/08/2019

We absolutely love coming here but every time we come here there are open tables and we have to wait. Today, Wednesday May 8th at 7:30 pm, we walked in to grab dinner. The hostess said it would be a 10 -15 minute wait but we looked around and there were at least 12 open tables. If I was a first time customer and heard that wait time and saw the open tables I would’ve walked out and never come back. We frequently come to the Newport location and love this place but this experience puts a bad taste in people’s mouth. My daughter took a video of the 5 open tables we could see from sitting down at the front.


- 05/05/2019

I come into empire pretty often and typically enjoy the food. However, last night i received very bad service to the point where the server made my physically uncomfortable. I have worked in food and bev as a server myself in a similar setting as empire and I understand that the server had probably been working for a while. However, Mandi treated us very disrespectfully and caught an attitude toward us very quickly. The person i was with asked a question and Mandi began giving us an attitude. She screamed at the person I was with and told them that “she didn’t have to deal with her attitude” this person was not intending to give her attitude. I was physically uncomfortable by Mandi’s actions which caused us to not eat at the restaurant. I offered to pay my tab and as we left before the door even shut we could hear Mandi complaining about us very loudly. Her behavior was absolutely unprofessional and I was physically uncomfortable due to the way she spoke to and treated us. I have always received lovely service from this place however Mandi was very unpleasant.

Darryl Adkins

- 05/03/2019

Went to newport location at 7:30 pm on 5/3. There were several empty tables and booths but we were told a 35 minute wait. Sat 5 mins then asked why we couldnt be seated. Was told the kitchen was backed up. i felt like we could have been seated and had a couple of beers. So we left and went elsewhere.

Sonia Corbit

- 05/01/2019

My order was incorrect. I asked for flats for my 12 wings a.m. I did not receive it. I ordered a pastrami sandwich with coleslaw. I did not receive it instead I received chicken Alfredo and coleslaw with meat in it. The coleslaw shouldn't have meat in it. I called the store at 11:05 and asked for a manager and then it was phone shuffle. Finally I spoke with a server and she stated that I needed to call back the following day speak to a manager. She doesn't know which Manager is on duty it changes from week to week. I don't understand why it is not a manager on duty as long as the businesses open the handle customer satisfaction.

Scott Richardson

- 04/20/2019

Really enjoyed Chris’s bartender service. She has great work ethic and stays busy but engaged with the customers. Awesome!

Tareka Dye

- 04/19/2019

I have never seen such difficult place in my life to place order for delivery. They have a reason not to do everything not to mention keeping you on hold. Management needs to improve this or they will and can lose a lot of business

Annette Aquino

- 04/15/2019

I hate you you’re terrible pizza maker we’ve been waiting for like five hours and you’re still not here

Mark Cortez

- 04/05/2019

Not mad, just disappointed. I ordered online 30min prior to showing up. It was a Friday night so I assumed I would have to wait a little bit. An hour and a half later(so 2 hours total) I finally got my pizza. No apology, no sorry for the wait, no thanks for your patience. I get home and what do I have, cold pizza and wings that were obviously sitting around awhile. I don’t know if there was a mix up and no one realized I was there, but it definitely was NOT worth the wait. I’ve never had issues before so I’ll chalk it up to a crappy night for me and the hungry family. I called to complain and would have returned the food that night if my wife hadn’t been hungry and convinced me to just reheat the pizza in the oven...what’s another 15min at this point. I still gave a 5 star cause I know your food and service is usually good, I just wanted to vent and maybe next time just thank people for their patience, it’s appreciated.

Camille Taylor

- 04/01/2019

I am from out of town and googled places close to my hotel! The door says 12am the website says 12am but I arrived at 11:26pm just to grab something simple! THE DOOR WAS LOCKED AND NO ONE ANSWERED THE PHONE AS A COURTESY! I HAD TO DRIVE OUT MY ELEMENT TO FIND FOOD !


- 03/24/2019

I could not believe what I heard. The manager screaming at a customer Rudest manager I have ever seen. He was very unprofessional. Never have I seen anyone representing a business act this way. And this is the second time I have seen it happen.

Penny Shelton

- 03/22/2019

Food was great. Music was too loud.

Philip Chu

- 03/09/2019

Ordered pizza and wings at 7:19 on line, email says delivery at 8:21 called to check on order and hung up twice, then person on phone says too bad. Customer service terrible and at 9:00 still no pizza.


- 03/04/2019

Newport - when We eat in the food is great service is pretty good but placing an order to go I’ve been disappointed multiple times. Forgotten items on our order not answering the phone and even placing me on hold for more than 15 minutes!!

Kimberly Catledge

- 03/03/2019

We visited the Fort mill location last night and the food quality was poor. We would like a manager to contact us.

Chelsea French

- 02/27/2019

I ordered through door dash. My delivery time was 515-545. My food came at 4:55. Very early. The pizza wasn’t even hot. My question is why empire had my food ready so early. My husbands not even home from work yet! Very disappointing. I also didn’t receive one of the two dressings I requested. Frustrated to say the least.

Nicholas Moss

- 02/26/2019

Poor customer service

Alison Henrich

- 01/27/2019

I was homeless Veteran for 5 months and finally got a room. The first thing that I wanted was a sisilan crust pizza from RH empire. I saved up for 2 weeks and when I called to order it —- they were OUT OF SICILIAN CRUST!!!!!!! I am so upset and disappointed. Can’t go to FM or Newport without a car So I’m stuck with dominos. ????????

Ruti Edwards

- 01/27/2019

This is for the location on Ft. Mill, amazing bruschetta and pizza. Probably the best I had in a while. The zeppolis were phenomenal and I just want to thank the ladies that were In staff that night that helped me find my phone wallet. I can’t lie I had a little too much to drink and I couldn’t find it. But the waitress was very nice and fast . It was so busy that night . Again thanks again for bearing with me

LaTashia Wilson

- 01/25/2019

I absolutely love this place!

Debbie Brandt

- 01/17/2019

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- 12/30/2018

The ricotta on this calzone was awful! Smelled like it went bad last week. I will not order it again.


- 12/28/2018

I ordered pizza on line @ 7:27. Confirmation said that delivery would be around 8:27. Pizza arrived @ 9:05 and it was cold. We eat at the restaurant and order delivery often. The past couple of times we received delivery, it was late and the food was cold. Disappointing.

Stephen Mitchell

- 12/28/2018

I can't leave a zero stars which is how I feel about empire pizza right now. I placed an online order at 5:20 pm, delivery was supposed to be around 6:20 pm. At 6:40 I called the store and was given the usual runaround. I was told they were checking on my order and to call back in 15 minutes. I called back and was left on hold. I'll spare you all the details. But at 7:54 pm I'm eating Domino's Pizza. I was promised a refund, after I drove to the store, so we'll see. Thanks for offering nothing more than a refund after wasting over 2 hours of my time. I used to love empire pizza but I'll never go back.

Tonya Brown

- 12/27/2018

Came in last night for a late dinner after shift. Ordered a slice and a drink. The bartender was too busy asking what I wanted 3 times Before getting it right. (It was a bud light) your bartender was wasted. I watched one girl spend 30 minutes sorting out checks and being charged for drinks she never brought because your bartender was so drunk she never passed them out to her. She then took at least 5 shots with different guest. While working in front of everyone in the bar. What kind of business are you running? One that will be shut down when ALE comes in one day. I’ve never seen anything like this from this location. I will never be back. Control your employees. You have bouncers standing around laughing at the bartender doing nothing to correct the issue either. Law suit waiting to happen.

Wes Pe

- 12/17/2018

I dearly love the pizza here. But, the treatment by the cooks and the manager at the Celanese Rock Hill location will cause me to never come back. About the last 3 times I've gone there and gotten food to go, for whatever reason, the cooks yell out hurtful jabs at me as I'm waiting for my food, sometimes bantering with the manager back and forth about me. Who does that or allows their cooks or employees to yell out things about the customers coming in? The food is terrific. But, no one wants to be treated like that. I didn't do anything to deserve that kind of disrespect. I've honestly never experienced this kind of treatment at any other restaurant before. The last time, I thought surely, this won't happen this time again. But, it did.

Jessica Boykin

- 11/12/2018

Hello, I called in an order last night for a white pizza with chicken on half and pepperoni in the other half. When I got home in Indian Land with my food, it was not a white pizza as it had pizza sauce all over it. I ended up having to go to Portifinos to get the right pizza and had it not been so far, I would’ve brought the pizza back to your establishment. I’m having a hard time understanding why this was such a difficult task for your employees. I also wasted 30.25 due to the fact that my order was wrong and on top of that I had to reorder more food from another restaurant and spend another 25.00 so I hope this doesn’t happen to any of your other customers because it’s very disappointing and with your new location set to open in Indian land, I’m hesitant to even return.

Shae and Rick Sanders

- 11/11/2018

Friends of ours turned us on to Empire at the RH location. They told us to ask for Lynette when we go and we would not be disappointed, even made a bet! Told us she was the most out going, friendliest person and best waitress hands down. So we did and have been going there to visit with her for over a year now. Last night I was sad to hear she no longer worked there. I was in shock. I have been there when she wasn't working before and it wasn't the same. I am glad we found out where she works because we will be taking our business with her. Saturday nights with her and the band was our favorite. The waitress said everyone was in shock and she will he missed. That's an understatement. SHE MADE EMPIRE GREAT. You guys lost an amazing waitress and it shows for sure.


- 11/08/2018

Paid for a uber to come this bar what a RIP off!!! They serve who they want and dont give af

Ricky McKellar

- 11/04/2018

Great food great atmosphere great service would like to see one built are opened up in Lake Wylie I think that would be a great success for your business thank you

Ronnie Weatherford

- 10/23/2018

I ordered two salads. One of them was without feta cheese and cucumbers. I asked them to add green pepper. They said it comes with red and green peppers. When I got home, the salad had feta cheese and no peppers. You shouldn’t have to open the stapeled bags to make sure the order is correct.

garrett frent

- 10/20/2018

My wife and I went to the fort mill location last night and there was a two hairs in my burger and my wifes food was cold. I know it was busy but we paid for a meal we did not enjoy and I did not eat. Expected better

Bruce Petty

- 09/25/2018

I will no longer order from here. Food is good but I like to pay cash when I order a delivery.. they told me they now take card payments only for delivery no cash payments . Time to move on to a new restaurant.

Robert Craze

- 08/31/2018

Can't rate the food when we had to walk out because the service was so poor. How many employees have to walk by before a drink order can be taken? I can't stand being seated and then ignored.

Robert Dosent matter

- 08/31/2018

The new set up, is terrible.. alienating couples that DO NOT want to be surrounded by kids. Very dishaeartening , as we came in here 3-4 times a week having drinks and eating dinner. The bar is now overcrowded and many patrons are complaining and will probably eventually stop coming to this establishment. Good luck with a CC pizza atmosphere restaurant.

John Wall

- 08/27/2018

The Newport branch never answers the phone for take out or delivery. If they do they will forget your order or take 2 hours to deliver it. The foods just okay for that kind of service. It comes cold and wrong sometimes.

Kandace Hill

- 08/25/2018

Rude cashiers. Ordered on line was 30 minutes longer than promised.

Julie Secondino

- 08/23/2018

No plastic ware or napkins to eat salad and lasagna. The is the first mistake. The rolls were cold and raw in the middle. The salad was soggy. Ordered no cheese on salad but got a lot. The lasagna was warm and yummy. The service was good I only had to wait in line for 4 minutes to pickup food. I have eaten food multiple times over 3 years. Your food and service and food are slipping.


- 08/18/2018

Just ate lunch at Fort Mill restaurant, excellent pizzas and very good black bean burger! Service is quick and friendly.

Rico Harris

- 08/11/2018

Love this place great employee


- 08/04/2018

We ordered our pizza for delivery on 08/04/2018. It took over an hour to be delivered (we live one mile from Empire). When the pizza got here it was cold. We will not be ordering from Empire again. This service is unacceptable and unprofessional.


- 08/03/2018

Two interactions with this establishment, both marred by poor service. One experience was in the restaurant and our meals were served 15 minutes apart. The most recent was a call in order and was quoted one hour and fifteen minutes to cook a pizza. Outrageous! The food is not worth the poor servic and wait times.

Jessica Mccoy

- 08/02/2018

I contacted the store about my food order being wrong. I of course asked for the manager. A girl name Brooke got on the phone and had the nastiest attitude when I explained the issue. Then I was told I would receive a call back from holly the manager but I never received a call back. That was my first time eating there and believe me definitely my last. Poor quality food and poor quality service.

Jessica Mccoy

- 08/02/2018

Wings were very dry no flavor.

Mellissa Middleton

- 07/22/2018

Great food. Service was poor. Wrong drink and wrong pizza. I told the waitress and she gave no apology. Just came with a discounted ticket. Then she took the last of our pizza off the table before we were done.

Amanda Babb

- 07/14/2018

I seriously wish we found this place sooner! We’ve been in town for football and thought we would give this a try. We got pizza last night and it was sooo good we came back tonight!!! I’m sooo sad that we don’t have one in Indiana!!!

Jennifer West

- 07/01/2018

We order Empire OFTEN!!! And We love it!!! I have a request??? Could you possibly put Nachos on your menu please????


- 07/01/2018

Foods good, worst service I have ever had in a restaurant.


- 06/29/2018

The food is good but the cashiers are rude as heck. The small one with the pony tail shoved my food to me, snatched receipts, she looked disgusted when I asked her a question, and just overall looks like she hates her job. (Ft Mill) I was the only customer at the register at the time so you all were not busy. Please consider getting happier cashiers because customer service isn't for everyone.

Dallas Tomlinson

- 06/28/2018

This is the second time I have had to get on here and complain. This is my favorite restaurant as far as food goes but this is the last time I will order from Empire. I called tonight 6/28 at 9:20 pm and of course like always whoever answers is rude. She starts by telling me that they are no longer delivering. I’ve been ordering from empire for 2 years and know that the cut off time has always been 9:45. I tell her that, she whispers to someone and says “what can I get for you.” So basically she lied about the cut off time so that I wouldn’t order. I’m not sure if it’s just because there is nothing but kids working there but I’ve never had a pleasant experience when it comes to customer service. The taste of food is so important and empire gets a 120% on that but customer service is most important and there is none at all. Location: 1504 Carolina Place Drive, Fort Mil SC 29708


- 06/24/2018

Had lunch on Saturday, there was 3 of us, I ordered chicken wings wow what a mistake, they were cold, and tasted like they were cooked and recooked did not eat but 1 and the server never even questioned it , no customer service there. very disappointed.

Deb Hayes

- 06/22/2018

The girl manager at night in Hudson falls was swaring telling me to herry with my order the hung up on me

Al Vadnais

- 06/22/2018

It is very poor service the female manager on June 20th 2018 at night at 9:25 p.m. was swearing obnoxiously telling me to hurry up with my order she don't have time for me to think about what I want and if I'm not going to hurry up that I can car somewhere else and then I said what you're going to speak to me like that and she hung up the phone on me

Linda Bergseng

- 06/17/2018

I ordered a pizza for take out and when I went to pick it up they did not have the order. They handled very poorly by being rude and basically telling me I had not ordered one, also questioning if I ordered it at another location and when they called there was no order there for me either.

Jeff Neely

- 06/09/2018

Service not really good.


- 06/08/2018

There must not be a dress code that applies to waitresses. Our waitress had on shorts that just barely made it to cover her bottom. Way too short and way too tight, not what you wanna see while youre eating, especially with your child.

Dallas Tomlinson

- 06/03/2018

This is our favorite restaurant to eat at as the food is delicious and we live super close. But lately our experiences have been terrible (never food related). We order from here maybe 3 times a week and it seems to get worse every time. None of the girls who answer the phone or work at the take out section are ever friendly especially over the phone. I placed a $35 order one night at 8:30, called back at 8:31 to add something and was told I couldn’t unless I placed another $20 order. It was literally a minute later and I couldn’t add anything. My sister in law called one night and got hung up on twice after the girl answered and said “were busy”. Tonight I called at 9:46 to place a takeout order and she said no because we stop at 9:45. You would think a restaurant would try to make there customers happy especially ones that spend probably $150 there a week. Even though this is my favorite food I’m pretty sure I won’t be ordering from here for a while!


- 05/13/2018

Just received the worst service I have experienced. I placed a to go order and was told 20-25 minutes. I showed up in about 40 minutes. I walked up to the pick up counter and stood there for 5 minutes with no one acknowledging me. Finally, I was greeted. I told them my order but they could not find it... the girl remembered taking my order but could not find it. The. A manager came over and said the”computer crashed” and our order was never made. I was never offered an apology or anything, only told they could expedite my order... not sure how you expedite a well done pizza...?? Place seems run my a bunch of teenagers with no customer service skills whatsoever. Food is typically good, but always slow and now that I have had this experience, I will not be returning and will be advising friends and family to avoid.

Forest Rockwell

- 05/12/2018

I order pizza about once a week from Empire but its so inconsistent that I've decided to get my pizza fix from somewhere else....Dannys maybe? Half the time I get pizza from Empire its close to NY style, a lot of times.....not even close. I already gave up having it delivered because it was always cold. I never minded driving there to pick my pizza up because the bartenders are awesome! Unfortunately, the pizza I got today was awful......might still have to drop by for a beer every now and then though

Forest Rockwell

- 05/12/2018

I order pizza about once a week from Empire but its so inconsistent that I've decided to get my pizza fix from somewhere else....Dannys maybe? Half the time I get pizza from Empire its close to NY style, a lot of times.....not even close. I already gave up having it delivered because it was always cold. I never minded driving there to pick my pizza up because the bartenders are awesome! Unfortunately, the pizza I got today was awful......might still have to drop by for a beer every now and then though

joe & ellen miller

- 04/21/2018

We are from the N.Y./N.J. area so we know real Empire (N.Y.) pizza. That is why we only order your Empire pizza . Today Noonish we ordered large cheese take out for Miller . Pizza had less tomato sauce than usual. Needed one more spoonful of sauce and olive oil . Please do not loose that N.Y. / N.j. flavor. Your crust was thin and perfect . !! thanks, joe


- 04/20/2018

My son and I enjoy dining in during the week around dinner time. Foods always excellent, atmosphere is always great. However tonight we were enjoying our meal and all the sudden heard commotion towards the back. It looked to us like a few employees were arguing. As we watched closer it appeared a few female workers were very frustrated at someone in the back. We could hear the kitchen manager shouting as workers gathered around to clean up what looked to be a big mess. All around tonight out of all the nights we’ve enjoyed being here ; it just seemed very hostile. I usually don’t leave negative reviews but it seemed to be the talk of the dining room tonight. Service momentarily slowed down and you could tell an attitude change in a quite a few employees. We will still recommend empire and will continue to enjoy our nights out but tonight was disappointing.

Lacy Courtney

- 04/18/2018

The lady who took my to go order tonight over the phone was extremely rude and sounded like I was the most annoying part of her day. And apparently they don’t offer a full menu up until closing time because some items I tried to order I was told that they were unavailable. Having a rude hostess is one way to kill a business. We will not be back to this location.

Latoria Mitchell

- 04/09/2018

Upon arriving, hostess was very nice! She quickly accommodated the tables for my family and I. Soon after we were seated. Our waitress came and immediately asked for our drinks. I noticed a female with her two children who sat directly behind my family. After the waitress brought our drinks, she left and didn't come back to our table for another 10 mins. However, as soon as she came back we placed our orders. I let my kids order first. As she's taking their order, she interrupts to say that kids eat free tonight and that she wasn't for sure if it was one or two per adult. She checked then came back and said, "Yes, it's only one child per adult," and emphasized " BUT each adult must purchase AT LEAST an entree." Immediately I felt that she assumed that the TWO adults at the table wasn't eating and that we brought our children just to come eat free. Paying her no attention, we continue to order the kids meals. Gave her the sides with the kids meal then proceeded to order the two adult platters. I asked the waitress for a wing platter and asked if I could make it boneless. She said of course!!! Confirming that I'm ordering boneless wings with fries. 2nd order was a traditional wing platter. 15 mins later, the waitress comes back to tell me that the kids meal doesn't come with a side so all sides will be an extra cost PLUS my boneless wings wasn't considered a platter, so my fries would be extra too. I'm very disappointed in my service because not only did my waitress ignore my family and took the family behind us orders first, but she rushed us while ordering, neglecting to tell me important information regarding the items I ordered! If things would have been clarified in a professional manner before ordering then my visit my have been well. Even after ordering, she intentionally ignored my table, and danced around it like we didn't exist. When she finally came back She began talking with her hands and rolling her neck at me in front of my children. Again, unprofessional. I can tell she was getting a little frustrated (which startled me), so I asked her why was she throwing her body and hands in that manner, then she replied "Oh that's how I always do. I cant help it." I eventually told her just to cancel my kids order because they never wanted to eat there anyway, and to pack everything else up to go. The receipt that was brought back to the table had 2 different receipts attached to it that did not belong to me. After asking for fries to go with my boneless wings several times no matter how much the cost, I get home and my fries are not inside my bag. I called before going and asked to speak to a manager and Kaylin says, " She just walked out." I turn around to go back for my fries and as I'm getting my fries walking out, Lord behold........ The manager walks in the office. A waste of time but the food is great!!

Allison Schusterman

- 03/04/2018

I get delivery all the time from the rock hill store off 161 but tonight they delivered me burnt chicken on my salad. I took a pic because I can’t believe they sent this out

Greg Lamp

- 03/03/2018

I moved here 4 years ago. Always enjoyed your food and drinks in and out to go. However, recently the food and service has declined. The staff (not all is rude and acts as though bothered by receiving an order). Tonight my pizza was delivered cold and soggy, terrible. I was embarrassed with Guests in my home.

June cooke

- 03/02/2018

We love their spaghetti with meat sauce! For $11 you can get An hearty serving of Spaghetti with meat sauce and a wonderful Greek salad! Best ever we always have left overs! Their Pizzass are very yummy and the large is very large! Thank you Empire!

Gregory Lamp

- 02/20/2018

3 week ago I ordered a large supreme pizza. The pizza arrived in about 90minutes cold, without everything. It looked like a pizza for a veggie. I called back and was told I get a pizza upon order for free. This past weekend, I called in the order for the free pizza. Two hours pizza. I called and staff said no pizza was ordered. I can prove my order. Is this the way customers are expected to be treated?

Alison Henrich

- 02/14/2018

Already left this post once, I guess they erase the negative ones ???? I spent $36 on a loaded Philly cheesesteak that was inedible & cold onion rings that I threw up n the trash The slide Pizza was ok tho & cheesecake was good. I held on to the receipt hoping they would offer to make this right since I spend.... Sorry, SPENT so much $$ there, but I guess the comments about poor customer service weren’t exaggerating! Very disappointed ???? & hungry ! ~Alison~

Alison Henrich

- 02/12/2018

Pizza (slice) was ok but Philly cheesesteak & onion rings were inedible!!! Waste of $30. Very disappointing


- 01/18/2018

Spent the night in Fort Mill while traveling. Empire Pizza was across the street. Desk clerk recommended it, so I tried it. Thank you desk clerk!!! Probably in the top 3 pizzas I’ve ever had. Couldn’t stop eating it. Hell, while I’m complimenting them, best looking pizza box too.

Dan Hopkins

- 01/14/2018

Great food from pizza to burgers. One note do not get pizza slices to go!! They stack them on top of each other making it a greasy nasty mess and the cheese sticks and pulls off also. It doesn't matter how many slices you get they will stack them if you get more than one.


- 01/12/2018

The food is good, but when you call in multiple orders it seems like they forget something or don't get something right each time. One person calls in our orders each time so it's not like they are talking to more than one person.

Paul Diedrich

- 12/28/2017

My wife and I went to Empire Pizza in Fort Mill for dinner. We were seated in the bar area by the hostess. We were there for over ten minutes and no one came by to take our order or ask for drinks. My wife went up to the hostess to inquire when we would be waited on. The hostess said she would let the waiter know we were there. After 15 minutes we still had not been seen by anyone on the waitstaff. A woman at a nearby table noticed and inquired if we have been waited on. My wife made another inquiry to the hostess. Five more minutes or more without any acknowledgement that we were there, at which time we decided to leave. I never have been ignored like that at any restaurant. I have previously enjoyed Empire Pizza in Fort Mill. The food and service were always good. This is a big disappointment.

Patrice Kousar

- 12/05/2017

Everyone always talk about how great this place was so I decided to try it for this first time for dinner tonight and I was ultimately surprised. My guest and I was seated by a young lady at a table where there was all kind of garbage on the seat and the table was dirty. Someone had waste a drink all over the floor and didn’t clean up along with silverware laying on the floor. Ok someone forgot to clean there section could have been busy. So we asked to be moved to another table and they did move us however that table and seat was dirty also I eventually got napkins and wiped off the table and seat myself so that I can have a clean seat and table. Since this was my first visit ever, I will rate this a zero on the scale from 1 to 10 with ten being the highest score you can get as for the food I’m still waiting on that I will let you know how well that goes. Just wanted you to know that you have to be able to provide a clean environment for your customers to sit and eat. Thanks

Janelle Orange

- 11/17/2017

I ordered 24 wings from these people. They were UNCOOKED. so I called back to tell them the food was uncooked to which they responded "Well we cannot do anything about it we sent out a delivery policy". So after being placed on hold several times I had to argue with 3 employees about uncooked food they sent out. In addition to the ICE COLD pizza we got. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER patronize this restaurant again. The customer service is terrible and the food is even worst.


- 11/14/2017

Been to the Newport location twice for lunch. Had a salad and 6 wings both times. Excellent food and service. Empire is now on the lunch rotation!

Dimias H

- 11/14/2017

This place of business has to be the worst in customer service I have ever experienced in my life today 11-14-2017. I made an attempt to place 4 order for a value of over $35.00. after placing order and getting off the phone I asked the lady could I change 2 salads to fries. she say OMG I have already put the orders in. I asked her could she please changed to fries. Her answer was OMG and placed me on a blind hold. came back after 4 minuets and said order changed. I decided to cancel due to her Customer service towards me and ask for a Manager.. The Manager HOLLY is very rude did not want to speak with me. Had her worker hang up. I had to call back 3 separate times for her to answer and tell me she does not believe anything I said and I made her worker cry. So now she has made me out to be a liar when all I wanted to do was place an order as I always spend good money with this company. i will be doing everything in my power to make sure no one else is Degraded and humiliated by this Company so i will be contacting Corporate.

Future Mrs. Huitt

- 11/10/2017

I had lunch here yesterday and those MEATBALLS!!! OMGGG I literally thought about them all dayyy! So you know what! Im going back today on my lunch break!! The wings were awesome too!!! and that Homemade Ranch! You guys ROCK!

bonita mullins

- 10/23/2017

hello, first time here and at the ft mill location, had lunch at 12:35pm britney waited on us - fast very nice and the pepperoni calzone i ordered was absolutely great - the crust was perfect and just the right amount of cheese- the best i have ever had and i will be back- thank you for such a great experience.

bonita mullins

- 10/23/2017

hello, my first time here - had lunch at 12:35pm at the ft mill sc location, britney waited on us. i ordered a pepperoni calzone and it was incredible. great taste - great crust - better than i have ever had anywhere. i will be back. britney was very nice and quick. very nice experience over all - loved it.

Eddie Brimer

- 10/03/2017

This is a bit long, but read all the way thru it please. We went here with another couple last night for dinner. Absolutely one of the worst dining experiences in our lives. Monday is kids eat free night. Apparently it is kids run free night. Let me start at the beginning. When you go here you always have to wait. Doesn't matter if the place is half empty. You have to sit down and wait. Must be corporate policy. We wanted a high table because one of our party is disabled. (Leg amputee) They tried to sell us on the high table in the front window in the bright sun. We asked if there were other high tables available. "We are cleaning one I think". I go back to the bar area to wait and see 4 empty high tables. After we are seated, the fun begins. Kids are running everywhere. Their main hangout is back around the men's bathroom. Right in front of the doors. They are running and squealing, cutting cart wheels. They were playing hide and seek and the girls were hiding in the men's restrooms. One of the little girls walked in on a guy using the bathroom. When the disabled person got up to go to the bathroom he had to ask them to move. Then they started squealing and screaming, acting like he was scaring them. (He has one leg). While he was in the bathroom they stood at the door and laughed and giggled and then squealed again when he came out. I told the waitress she needed to go tell the parents to control their kids. She said I would have to speak to the manager. Manager comes over and I explain the situation. She listens and then pretends like she goes over and speaks to one couple. I say pretends because she obviously didn't mention anything about the kids because nothing changed. I ask to talk to the manager again. I ask her directly if she has asked the parents to control their kids. She says "she can't". Says the owner has told her not to do that. Says the owner is "Zack". That I can call and talk to him tomorrow. I will. Anyway, we thought it could get no worse... it does. The DJ comes in to do the music bingo. It then becomes apparent why they lied about the availability of the high tables near the bathroom. They hold them for the DJ's family and friends. Guess what? They all bring their kids. Not for dinner mind you... they turn them out. They came in with bags filled with blankets, pillows and toys. They dump them all on the floor in front of the men's bathroom and have a slumber party. When the bingo started, some of the kids went and stood in the middle of the floor and danced. We had had enough. We paid our bill and left. Empire is supposed to be a sports bar. People are drinking and acting as people do when they drink. Hardly a child friendly environment. They (Empire) needs to pick their clientele. Is it adults or is it a place where adults can bring their kids, turn them out unattended and drink beer and do shots while they run wild and disrupt others? Zack, you can call me at 803-984-8857 to discuss.

Larry Beavers

- 09/21/2017

We have been eating at Empire since they opened their doors. i made a delivery order and requested my sons friend delivery. i was told that it would take 45 minutes to deliver (which is pretty common). my sons friend text him twenty minutes after the order was placed that he was on his way. normally that is a good thing. However, our pizza was actually cold and the texture of the crust was very dry and crunchy. i called to complain and ask if the pizza could have been from a previous order or old. I was told that the delivery actually did take 45 minutes. when i told the manager that i was looking at my sons phone and the text was exactly 20 minutes after the order was placed and we live 2.25 miles from Empire, he proceeded to argue with me that i was wrong. the point is the pizza was not edible. when i told him the pizza was really not good, he hesitated and said"i guess i can make you another one?" the correct response would be to first apologize, whether it was 20 or 45 minutes was not the issue and it should not have been insinuated TWICE that i was wrong when there was obvious proof i was not. Next would be to INSIST that a fresh pie be made, not act like you are doing me a favor for making my food correctly! Never again....too many other restaurants to choose from.


- 09/13/2017


Jane Smith

- 09/12/2017

Your lucky to get your order right. It takes forever then it comes wrong. They don't even adjust the price you pay. What a racket.

D Carter

- 09/06/2017

The customer service at the riverchase location is HORRIBLE, they offer no solutions to any issues that arise and if you ask for management they are even worse!

Melisha Rice

- 07/01/2017

We came in around 10:15 On a Saturday and the sign at the door stated to come and seat yourself as the dining area was closed. We went to the bar section where one of the servers pointed us to. We waited for 20 mins at a table for service. However, my friend had to get up and go to the bar to get service. When I proceeded to order o was told that the kitchen had closed and I could not order what I was trying to order. First time at this location and needless to say I will NOT be back. Very poor customer service!

Chim Richalds

- 06/17/2017

Your pizza is good. Contact me if you need life insurance.

Mark Szymanski

- 05/28/2017

Ordered a pizza about 6 weeks ago. The order took an hour and a half and the toppings were all wrong and the pizza was ice cold. I told them I would eat it as i was starving and didn't want to wait any longer. They offered me a credit for my next order I called today to ask for the credit and I was told they are only good for a month and then they are discarded. Great service. I know you are busy so it's obvious a simple complaint means nothing to you.

Tasha Cherry

- 05/23/2017

I had a horrible experience at the local Empire in Fort Mill. The staff is the most unprofessional non customer servicing people I have ever met. I had an order place an hour before hand and when I went to pick up my order I noticed a lot of hostility and rudeness toward the (African American) customers in front of me but I continued to patiently wait. Well when my time come to be rung up I politely asked the cashier if my order had everything in it and she ensured it did and proceeded to check me out. I thought nothing of it due to her reading my order back as ringing me up. Well after getting back to work I realized my wings were gone so I called and asked about the wings and advised they had been left off to be called a liar and to be told I was mistaking. I advised I could do no such thing and there was no way I would miss a whole order of wings so I was told to come back and pick them up. When I returned to get the rest of my order the cashier Siera insisted on saying she didn't mean it that way etc, I simply replied there's no need now all I want is what I paid for so I could leave. She got very rude and said that I could leave and snatched the rest of my order off of the counter and tried to give me a refund. I advised her I didn't want a refund I wanted what I'd ordered and she wasn't going to snatch anything. As I left her and her coworkers snickered and cursed. They are the most rudest people you ever want to meet whom has no experience what so ever in customer service 101. Do not eat from there, they are beyond racist and I refuse to spend my money where we aren't welcome!


- 04/28/2017

Waited 1 hr plus for to go pizza, and after being told several times it was almost ready, was finally told it hadn't been started and that I could continue waiting (with no time estimate) or get refund. Am regular customer but very poor experience will make me look for other options going forward

Brian Bauman

- 04/28/2017

Good day, I am writing you to let you know there is a new Screen Printing shop in town. I would like to work with you and your company in t-shirt printing. I am running a new business here and I wanted to get my name out. So I would like to place a bid on any shirt printing you may need and I will offer no set up fee for bringing your business to me. If you are interested please contact me back, if not please spread the word for anyone you know may need my services. Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you soon.