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Melisha Rice

- 07/01/2017

We came in around 10:15 On a Saturday and the sign at the door stated to come and seat yourself as the dining area was closed. We went to the bar section where one of the servers pointed us to. We waited for 20 mins at a table for service. However, my friend had to get up and go to the bar to get service. When I proceeded to order o was told that the kitchen had closed and I could not order what I was trying to order. First time at this location and needless to say I will NOT be back. Very poor customer service!

Chim Richalds

- 06/17/2017

Your pizza is good. Contact me if you need life insurance.

Mark Szymanski

- 05/28/2017

Ordered a pizza about 6 weeks ago. The order took an hour and a half and the toppings were all wrong and the pizza was ice cold. I told them I would eat it as i was starving and didn't want to wait any longer. They offered me a credit for my next order I called today to ask for the credit and I was told they are only good for a month and then they are discarded. Great service. I know you are busy so it's obvious a simple complaint means nothing to you.

Tasha Cherry

- 05/23/2017

I had a horrible experience at the local Empire in Fort Mill. The staff is the most unprofessional non customer servicing people I have ever met. I had an order place an hour before hand and when I went to pick up my order I noticed a lot of hostility and rudeness toward the (African American) customers in front of me but I continued to patiently wait. Well when my time come to be rung up I politely asked the cashier if my order had everything in it and she ensured it did and proceeded to check me out. I thought nothing of it due to her reading my order back as ringing me up. Well after getting back to work I realized my wings were gone so I called and asked about the wings and advised they had been left off to be called a liar and to be told I was mistaking. I advised I could do no such thing and there was no way I would miss a whole order of wings so I was told to come back and pick them up. When I returned to get the rest of my order the cashier Siera insisted on saying she didn't mean it that way etc, I simply replied there's no need now all I want is what I paid for so I could leave. She got very rude and said that I could leave and snatched the rest of my order off of the counter and tried to give me a refund. I advised her I didn't want a refund I wanted what I'd ordered and she wasn't going to snatch anything. As I left her and her coworkers snickered and cursed. They are the most rudest people you ever want to meet whom has no experience what so ever in customer service 101. Do not eat from there, they are beyond racist and I refuse to spend my money where we aren't welcome!


- 04/28/2017

Waited 1 hr plus for to go pizza, and after being told several times it was almost ready, was finally told it hadn't been started and that I could continue waiting (with no time estimate) or get refund. Am regular customer but very poor experience will make me look for other options going forward

Brian Bauman

- 04/28/2017

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