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Gregory Lamp

- 02/20/2018

3 week ago I ordered a large supreme pizza. The pizza arrived in about 90minutes cold, without everything. It looked like a pizza for a veggie. I called back and was told I get a pizza upon order for free. This past weekend, I called in the order for the free pizza. Two hours pizza. I called and staff said no pizza was ordered. I can prove my order. Is this the way customers are expected to be treated?

Alison Henrich

- 02/14/2018

Already left this post once, I guess they erase the negative ones ???? I spent $36 on a loaded Philly cheesesteak that was inedible & cold onion rings that I threw up n the trash The slide Pizza was ok tho & cheesecake was good. I held on to the receipt hoping they would offer to make this right since I spend.... Sorry, SPENT so much $$ there, but I guess the comments about poor customer service weren’t exaggerating! Very disappointed ???? & hungry ! ~Alison~

Alison Henrich

- 02/12/2018

Pizza (slice) was ok but Philly cheesesteak & onion rings were inedible!!! Waste of $30. Very disappointing


- 01/18/2018

Spent the night in Fort Mill while traveling. Empire Pizza was across the street. Desk clerk recommended it, so I tried it. Thank you desk clerk!!! Probably in the top 3 pizzas I’ve ever had. Couldn’t stop eating it. Hell, while I’m complimenting them, best looking pizza box too.

Dan Hopkins

- 01/14/2018

Great food from pizza to burgers. One note do not get pizza slices to go!! They stack them on top of each other making it a greasy nasty mess and the cheese sticks and pulls off also. It doesn't matter how many slices you get they will stack them if you get more than one.


- 01/12/2018

The food is good, but when you call in multiple orders it seems like they forget something or don't get something right each time. One person calls in our orders each time so it's not like they are talking to more than one person.

Paul Diedrich

- 12/28/2017

My wife and I went to Empire Pizza in Fort Mill for dinner. We were seated in the bar area by the hostess. We were there for over ten minutes and no one came by to take our order or ask for drinks. My wife went up to the hostess to inquire when we would be waited on. The hostess said she would let the waiter know we were there. After 15 minutes we still had not been seen by anyone on the waitstaff. A woman at a nearby table noticed and inquired if we have been waited on. My wife made another inquiry to the hostess. Five more minutes or more without any acknowledgement that we were there, at which time we decided to leave. I never have been ignored like that at any restaurant. I have previously enjoyed Empire Pizza in Fort Mill. The food and service were always good. This is a big disappointment.

Patrice Kousar

- 12/05/2017

Everyone always talk about how great this place was so I decided to try it for this first time for dinner tonight and I was ultimately surprised. My guest and I was seated by a young lady at a table where there was all kind of garbage on the seat and the table was dirty. Someone had waste a drink all over the floor and didn’t clean up along with silverware laying on the floor. Ok someone forgot to clean there section could have been busy. So we asked to be moved to another table and they did move us however that table and seat was dirty also I eventually got napkins and wiped off the table and seat myself so that I can have a clean seat and table. Since this was my first visit ever, I will rate this a zero on the scale from 1 to 10 with ten being the highest score you can get as for the food I’m still waiting on that I will let you know how well that goes. Just wanted you to know that you have to be able to provide a clean environment for your customers to sit and eat. Thanks

Janelle Orange

- 11/17/2017

I ordered 24 wings from these people. They were UNCOOKED. so I called back to tell them the food was uncooked to which they responded "Well we cannot do anything about it we sent out a delivery policy". So after being placed on hold several times I had to argue with 3 employees about uncooked food they sent out. In addition to the ICE COLD pizza we got. I will NEVER NEVER NEVER patronize this restaurant again. The customer service is terrible and the food is even worst.


- 11/14/2017

Been to the Newport location twice for lunch. Had a salad and 6 wings both times. Excellent food and service. Empire is now on the lunch rotation!

Dimias H

- 11/14/2017

This place of business has to be the worst in customer service I have ever experienced in my life today 11-14-2017. I made an attempt to place 4 order for a value of over $35.00. after placing order and getting off the phone I asked the lady could I change 2 salads to fries. she say OMG I have already put the orders in. I asked her could she please changed to fries. Her answer was OMG and placed me on a blind hold. came back after 4 minuets and said order changed. I decided to cancel due to her Customer service towards me and ask for a Manager.. The Manager HOLLY is very rude did not want to speak with me. Had her worker hang up. I had to call back 3 separate times for her to answer and tell me she does not believe anything I said and I made her worker cry. So now she has made me out to be a liar when all I wanted to do was place an order as I always spend good money with this company. i will be doing everything in my power to make sure no one else is Degraded and humiliated by this Company so i will be contacting Corporate.

Future Mrs. Huitt

- 11/10/2017

I had lunch here yesterday and those MEATBALLS!!! OMGGG I literally thought about them all dayyy! So you know what! Im going back today on my lunch break!! The wings were awesome too!!! and that Homemade Ranch! You guys ROCK!

bonita mullins

- 10/23/2017

hello, first time here and at the ft mill location, had lunch at 12:35pm britney waited on us - fast very nice and the pepperoni calzone i ordered was absolutely great - the crust was perfect and just the right amount of cheese- the best i have ever had and i will be back- thank you for such a great experience.

bonita mullins

- 10/23/2017

hello, my first time here - had lunch at 12:35pm at the ft mill sc location, britney waited on us. i ordered a pepperoni calzone and it was incredible. great taste - great crust - better than i have ever had anywhere. i will be back. britney was very nice and quick. very nice experience over all - loved it.

Eddie Brimer

- 10/03/2017

This is a bit long, but read all the way thru it please. We went here with another couple last night for dinner. Absolutely one of the worst dining experiences in our lives. Monday is kids eat free night. Apparently it is kids run free night. Let me start at the beginning. When you go here you always have to wait. Doesn't matter if the place is half empty. You have to sit down and wait. Must be corporate policy. We wanted a high table because one of our party is disabled. (Leg amputee) They tried to sell us on the high table in the front window in the bright sun. We asked if there were other high tables available. "We are cleaning one I think". I go back to the bar area to wait and see 4 empty high tables. After we are seated, the fun begins. Kids are running everywhere. Their main hangout is back around the men's bathroom. Right in front of the doors. They are running and squealing, cutting cart wheels. They were playing hide and seek and the girls were hiding in the men's restrooms. One of the little girls walked in on a guy using the bathroom. When the disabled person got up to go to the bathroom he had to ask them to move. Then they started squealing and screaming, acting like he was scaring them. (He has one leg). While he was in the bathroom they stood at the door and laughed and giggled and then squealed again when he came out. I told the waitress she needed to go tell the parents to control their kids. She said I would have to speak to the manager. Manager comes over and I explain the situation. She listens and then pretends like she goes over and speaks to one couple. I say pretends because she obviously didn't mention anything about the kids because nothing changed. I ask to talk to the manager again. I ask her directly if she has asked the parents to control their kids. She says "she can't". Says the owner has told her not to do that. Says the owner is "Zack". That I can call and talk to him tomorrow. I will. Anyway, we thought it could get no worse... it does. The DJ comes in to do the music bingo. It then becomes apparent why they lied about the availability of the high tables near the bathroom. They hold them for the DJ's family and friends. Guess what? They all bring their kids. Not for dinner mind you... they turn them out. They came in with bags filled with blankets, pillows and toys. They dump them all on the floor in front of the men's bathroom and have a slumber party. When the bingo started, some of the kids went and stood in the middle of the floor and danced. We had had enough. We paid our bill and left. Empire is supposed to be a sports bar. People are drinking and acting as people do when they drink. Hardly a child friendly environment. They (Empire) needs to pick their clientele. Is it adults or is it a place where adults can bring their kids, turn them out unattended and drink beer and do shots while they run wild and disrupt others? Zack, you can call me at 803-984-8857 to discuss.

Larry Beavers

- 09/21/2017

We have been eating at Empire since they opened their doors. i made a delivery order and requested my sons friend delivery. i was told that it would take 45 minutes to deliver (which is pretty common). my sons friend text him twenty minutes after the order was placed that he was on his way. normally that is a good thing. However, our pizza was actually cold and the texture of the crust was very dry and crunchy. i called to complain and ask if the pizza could have been from a previous order or old. I was told that the delivery actually did take 45 minutes. when i told the manager that i was looking at my sons phone and the text was exactly 20 minutes after the order was placed and we live 2.25 miles from Empire, he proceeded to argue with me that i was wrong. the point is the pizza was not edible. when i told him the pizza was really not good, he hesitated and said"i guess i can make you another one?" the correct response would be to first apologize, whether it was 20 or 45 minutes was not the issue and it should not have been insinuated TWICE that i was wrong when there was obvious proof i was not. Next would be to INSIST that a fresh pie be made, not act like you are doing me a favor for making my food correctly! Never again....too many other restaurants to choose from.


- 09/13/2017


Jane Smith

- 09/12/2017

Your lucky to get your order right. It takes forever then it comes wrong. They don't even adjust the price you pay. What a racket.

D Carter

- 09/06/2017

The customer service at the riverchase location is HORRIBLE, they offer no solutions to any issues that arise and if you ask for management they are even worse!

Melisha Rice

- 07/01/2017

We came in around 10:15 On a Saturday and the sign at the door stated to come and seat yourself as the dining area was closed. We went to the bar section where one of the servers pointed us to. We waited for 20 mins at a table for service. However, my friend had to get up and go to the bar to get service. When I proceeded to order o was told that the kitchen had closed and I could not order what I was trying to order. First time at this location and needless to say I will NOT be back. Very poor customer service!

Chim Richalds

- 06/17/2017

Your pizza is good. Contact me if you need life insurance.

Mark Szymanski

- 05/28/2017

Ordered a pizza about 6 weeks ago. The order took an hour and a half and the toppings were all wrong and the pizza was ice cold. I told them I would eat it as i was starving and didn't want to wait any longer. They offered me a credit for my next order I called today to ask for the credit and I was told they are only good for a month and then they are discarded. Great service. I know you are busy so it's obvious a simple complaint means nothing to you.

Tasha Cherry

- 05/23/2017

I had a horrible experience at the local Empire in Fort Mill. The staff is the most unprofessional non customer servicing people I have ever met. I had an order place an hour before hand and when I went to pick up my order I noticed a lot of hostility and rudeness toward the (African American) customers in front of me but I continued to patiently wait. Well when my time come to be rung up I politely asked the cashier if my order had everything in it and she ensured it did and proceeded to check me out. I thought nothing of it due to her reading my order back as ringing me up. Well after getting back to work I realized my wings were gone so I called and asked about the wings and advised they had been left off to be called a liar and to be told I was mistaking. I advised I could do no such thing and there was no way I would miss a whole order of wings so I was told to come back and pick them up. When I returned to get the rest of my order the cashier Siera insisted on saying she didn't mean it that way etc, I simply replied there's no need now all I want is what I paid for so I could leave. She got very rude and said that I could leave and snatched the rest of my order off of the counter and tried to give me a refund. I advised her I didn't want a refund I wanted what I'd ordered and she wasn't going to snatch anything. As I left her and her coworkers snickered and cursed. They are the most rudest people you ever want to meet whom has no experience what so ever in customer service 101. Do not eat from there, they are beyond racist and I refuse to spend my money where we aren't welcome!


- 04/28/2017

Waited 1 hr plus for to go pizza, and after being told several times it was almost ready, was finally told it hadn't been started and that I could continue waiting (with no time estimate) or get refund. Am regular customer but very poor experience will make me look for other options going forward

Brian Bauman

- 04/28/2017

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